Webcamming itself is going to be the same job whether you're working solo, with our group, or anybody elses group. That said, there are two major things to consider which will affect your earnings.
1) How many clients are coming online, as clients = money.
2) Payment- How you are paid, how often, fee, etc

Most Groups
Working with us
Clients/ Advertising
How does it work?
You find your own cleints and do your own advertising. This costs time, money and experience.
Will give you some kind of advertising platform to use, but you will need to use it and often to pay for it.
We provide a platform for you, we run it for you at no cost and we also spend a heavy weekly budget on advertising the group and the members in it.
Payment- Rates
Who sets your rate?
You decide.
You usually decide. On many sites, you work most of your time for free.
You decide. We will reocmmend you rates, but the decision is yours.
Payment- Method
How are you paid?
Bank transfer or cheque usually (Always cheques from American sites).
Bank transfer usually.
Bank transfer always.
Payment- Regularity
How long does it take to withdraw your money?
Most UK sites take 3-4 weeks to transfer funds. On the site we use, it's 3 weeks. On American sites, it can take over a month

Some groups don't offer credit payments, so you still need 3-4 weeks.
Some offer weekly payments, for a heavy fee

We offer instant payments, weekly, every Tuesday.
What fees do you pay?
You will pay admin fees to every webcam site on the internet, that's how they make their money, but if you're solo, you won't pay any additional fees to be in a group, except you will have to pay 6% gross total in VAT fees to the webcam site.
Groups typically charge 10-20%. The best we are aware of other than us, is 6%. Almost all groups are deceptive about their fees though. By disguising some of their fees as VAT, they can make it appear they're charging 6%, when they're actually charging 12%, as they aren't liable for 6% as a small business.
Like other groups, we are not liable for VAT, which means that the 6% you would be paying as VAT if you were solo, we take as our fee instead, So you pay us a profit at no cost to yourself. Everyone wins and there's no hidden fees or dodgy/ fraudulent tax systems.

Pro- You have full control over your business.

Con- You'll have to devote several hours a day to your laptop advertising and you won't likely be paid for over a month.

Pro- Easy to get set up, a little advertising assistance.

Con- Waiting a long time for your money, or paying a high fee for faster transfers
Pro- Easy to get set up, lots of advertising, all done for you. Instant payments every week, straight to your bank. No cost to you as we make our profit from money you'd be spending already.

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