Webcamming is one of the only jobs in the world where you can make really good money from your own home without any qualifications. Watch the TV, have a cup of tea and relax between entertaining visitors and get paid for every second of work you do when the camera is rolling!

About the Job-
Different webcam websites and companies work differently, but there are two main types-
Type 1- You are live streamed non stop and everybody on the interent can watch you for free, but with the hope that some of them tip you. Often you may be getting watched (and having your stream recorded and psoted elsewhere on the internet) by several thousand people without making any, or much money. Example sites- LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, Cam4.
Type 2- You can only be connected to by people with credit (online currency). You set a rate you'd like to be paid. They request to join and you choose if you want to accept them.  You are paid for every seocnd of chat you do. If two people are in your room, you're paid double, etc.
Us- We are a type 2 group.

Your working hours-
You will decide your own working hours. You work from a piece of software similar to Skype from your laptop (You cannot use a phone or tablet). You log on whever you're free and wanting to work, and you log off when you're done

Your rates-
You will decide your own rates. We can give you recommendations.

Earnings and our fees-
Your earnings, as with any self employed role are open ended. You earn more the more you are available and the more your profile stands out to clients. That is what we will help with. To find out more about your earning potential, click here.

Work with us v Independent-
Are you better off webcamming independently, with us, or with a different webcam group? A very smart question and one we've gone at length to give you all the information you need to make your own decision as to what's best for you personally. Click here to see our analysis.


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