Porn Earnings

Setup Costs-
There are no setup costs for pornographic content within our group. Our members support each other and do content share.

Earning Amount-
It is impossible to say exactly what you can or will make in a week with your content, but our members range from making £0 to £70p/w in residual income per week (£3,640p/a). The main factors which affect earnings are-

1) The amount of content you have
2) The amount of people who visit your profile per week

To acheive the first, we will help you make fresh content regularly, or have a long filming day and slowly upload the content or you. To achieve the second, we market your profile and recommend members to also offer other services. Escorting can draw 100 visitors a day towards your content and webcam pulls an enormous amount of traffic towards your profile. Potentially 300 people a day if you're online long enough.

Pictures sell for the equivalent of £1- £2.50, per member who looks at them, per day.
Short, one minute movie clips usually sell for £2- £5 per movie view. If you have ten clips viewed by one person, that can be £50 in one go, and it does happen.

Receiving Payment-
You will be paid weekly to a nominated bank account. Wednesday early morning is the official payout time, but payments are usually sent on Tuesday evenings. If you also offer webcam services, you will be paid for both of these together.

Our fee-
Our fee at the point of withdrawal is 10% of the income generated by income which we have made for you. 90% of the income we make for you is yours to keep.

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