Porn Work

Porn work is grat way of making residual money. A shoot that you do today won't just sell today, it'll sell for years and keep on earning you money. The more of a following you have, the more your porn work will sell, so if you do porn work in combination with escorting or escorting (or both), a small residual income can become quite a lot of extra money every week.

About the Job-
Different members of the group have had different target markets and styles with porn. Some of us have done fetish work, some vanilla, some have worked with famous porn stars, some only do amateur work.
As a group, we focus on amateur porn, as anyone can start making it and making money quickly and consistently.

Why amateur, isn't 'Pro Porn' better?
Creating pro porn is very expensive, where amateur porn can be made for free. Cameras, lighting equipment, sets, actors, photographers, editors. Making your own pro shoot will generally cost £2000-£5000, depending on what exactly you're creating.
Working with famous porn stars or production companies, you are paid as an actor. However, unless they're friends already, getting them to work with you can take a lot of time, networking and often travel costs. The pay is also one off payments for your time, rather than residual, which isn't as useful for a long term business and isn't generally very high paying, all things considered.
One more thing to consider is your ability to remove your content in the future. Working with us, you can leave at any time and your content will be removed if you wish. If you work with a production company or famous porn figure, part of your pay will be in retun for a model disclosure form, which wll waive your right to ever retract ownership of the porn. This can become an issue if you ever want to leave to indutry to start a family etc.
That said, we are able to connect our members to people who can help if they do wish to create pro content. Although not an area we typically work in, we are well connected in the industry.

Earnings and our fees-
Your earnings, as with any self employed role are open ended. You earn money every time one of your movie clips or pictures are viewed and you are paid your balance weekly, to your bank account. The more content you have available and the more your profile stands out to clients, the more you will earn. That is what we will help with. To find out more about your earning potential, click here.


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