Escort Earnings

Receiving Payment-
You will be paid in cash by your clients, at the beginning of your booking. It is your responsibility to count your money and check you have been paid correctly.

Your Rate-
You will decide the rate you would like to charge clients. Based upon factors such as age and location, we are happy to recommend a set of rates to you

Our finders fee-
You will pay us a finders fees for each client we introduce you to.  After each appointment, or at the end of each day (your preference) you will pay our finders fee by bank transfer. We only accept bank transfer payments, as we are a fully tax compliant business.

Late Payment-
It is very important that you pay on time. If our records don't match the payments in, our accountant has more work to do. That extra cost is passed to you. If you regularly pay late, our fee may increase or you may have your group membership revoked.

Non Payment-
If you are debt to the agency (if you do not pay your fee at the end of the day), you won't be able to get any more work from us until the balance has been cleared.

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