Escorting is the oldest profession in the world and part of the adult industry, the only industry in which women have more earning potential than men. For sexually liberated and open minded women, this can be the perfect job, either as a career, or a side project to save up money which you are finding it hard to save in your day job.

About the Job-
Escorting is an enjoyable job for liberated adults, but there are a lot of misconceptions around it and many escort agencies value profit over ethics. We will help you make money in the best way possible for you, whilst respecting your own boundaries and preferences.

The services you offer-
There is only one service which escorts offer. Their time. A popular misconception of escorting is that an escort who declares that they enjoy a specific sexual service (such as oral sex), is promising that they will do oral sex on a session. That's not the case. What happens behind closed doors whilst an escort is with a client is completely the choice of two consenting adults, made in the privacy of the room, whilst they are together. Discussing sexual interests prior to a booking is not indicative of what may or may happen between two people. It is common for clients to take an interest in what you enjoy however, so having an 'enjoys list' is part of your profile.

Your working hours-
You will decide your own working hours. We will take appointments for you and introduce you to clients within those working hours. We ask you to know your availability and givce us that information for at least a week in advance if possible.

Your rates-
You will decide your own rates. We can give you recommendations.

Earnings and our fees-
Your earnings, as with any self employed role are open ended. You earn more the more you are available and the more your profile stands out to clients. That is what we will help with. To find out more about your earning potential, click here.

Agencies v Independent-
Are you better off escorting independently, with us, or with a regular agency? A very smart question and one we've gone at length to give you all the information you need to make your own decision as to what's best for you personally. Click here to see our analysis.


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