Terms and conditions- Digital Payment Solutions

What are are

- We are a payment facilition provider for online webcam models. In this scope, we allow members to access the money they generate through third party webcam applications.

What are are not

- We are not; webcam software providers, webcam software developers, employers, brokers or lenders.

Payment Facilitation

- Our service is payment facilitation as an escrow service, between online webcam facilitation service providers and our members.

- The payment facilitation we offer covers the transfer of money earned by self employed adult workers for online services only. This includes digital media, webcam, telecommunications services and sales of products. It does not include tangible, physical services such as escort, companionship, BDSM or massage services.

- Payments are processed weekly on Wednesday mornings. This may on occasion be delayed, due to delays to manual processing time or bank handling times.


- The fee for our escrow service is 6% of your turnover. This is chargable at the point of payment.

- Our group members are exempt from the automatic 'B2C' 20% VAT fee all online service facilitators charge. Most people are charged this automatically, wrongly. We will not take any VAT fees from your earnings and will protect you from any taxes you should not be paying, through the use of our service.

- Our group members, like any self employed individual are solely responsible for their own accounting and tax.

- As you only pay us 6%, but don't have to automatically pay 20% VAT, our service can pay for itself.

- We reserve the right to change our own fees. If this ever happens, we will always provide a minimum of one weeks notice to members. We will also honour the transfer of any outstanding credits balance at the originally agreed rate, provided we hear a response from you within one week of our giving you notice of the change.

Leaving- Your right to leave, and our right to remove you

- As per the site conditions of AW, AWE legally owns the accounts it creates.

- On request, we can 'remove' you at any time. The definition of 'remove' is for us to delete all personally identifiable information we store about you, from our own records as well as from any publicly accessible locations we can access, such as online profiles. Some anonymous data connot be deleted, such as financial figures. Such data is legally required to be retained for accounting.

- We are a club. We retain the right at any time to reject membership from our club and delete an account. We will exercise this right if the law or our terms are broken by a member, if they act dishonestly or any way impinge the integrety of our group.

- If you wish you leave the site, the process is fast and simple. Simply text, email or in some way contact the admin to make your request.

- We permit our members to leave at any time, provided that they do not owe money to the group at the time of their request.

- Turnaround time for account deletion is usually around 12 hours from the time of the request, so long as no money is owed to the group at the time of the request.

- Although 12 hours is standard, this time period is not guaranteed and we may take up to a week to complete the request.

- If money is owed to the group, the member has the option to pay what they owe before they leave, or to leave the account accruing money to pay the debt.

Call: 07923185943 | Email: [email protected]